August 2020

Dear patients and friends,


In today’s letter I would like to share some of my doctors with you.


Many of you know my mentor and previous partner Dr. Jim Thiel. And many of you know that he has really taken to painting these last few years. I am happy to make the office his revolving gallery. (Just another reason to see us!) Unfortunately, during the spring and summer months of Covid he took a hiatus- he misses his art classes and does not enjoy taking them on Zoom. He very much enjoys the human interaction. The good news is that he is back in action. He is working on several pieces, trying very hard to perfect the 3D perspective. Landscapes help him practice his shadowing technique. Geometrics, however, are his favorite. He thanks the many patients who have given him suggestions.


Dr Robert Cipriano is our periodontist (gum specialist) who became part of our team in 2015. He has helped many patients save their teeth by performing delicate gum work as well as implant surgeries. In his free time Dr Cip enjoys running and cycling. Earlier in the year he was training for his 9th Boston Marathon. When the pandemic hit he reduced his running with friends from 60 miles a week to less than 30 miles per week solo. As a result, he started riding more but still missed the social aspects of both sports. On August 1, Dr Cip and his longtime partner Ria were married in Danehy Park, Cambridge. His son Miles was able to officiate the ceremony by obtaining a special one-day certificate from the governor’s office. That’s so special, right?


Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting Dr Nitin Khankari on Fridays. Dr Khankari is a prosthodontist (a dentist who specializes in crowns, bridges, partials and dentures), like Dr Thiel. However, his real love is placing and restoring dental implants. His other interests include biking and playing tennis. He recently upgraded his bike from a hybrid to a specialized road bike. His bike routes include the Charles River Reservation, South end to Castle Island to the Seaport area, and Watertown Riverfront Park. Also, he is playing tennis with his boys and all are taking lessons from the same coach. You might see them playing at Warren House or Albamarle Newton courts.


Our entire team at Premier Dental Group of Wellesley have been impressed with the care our patients have demonstrated in coming to the office and in cooperating with the additional requirements needed to safely receive care. We appreciate you! Despite society’s need to be apart it is reassuring to know that when people make the effort to care about others, we are all brought closer together in spirit.


Better together ~


Dr Tina Wang and your team at Premier Dental Group of Wellesley

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