Covid19 letter 3/24/20


Dear Patients and Friends,

I know that this is a difficult and strange time for all of us, but we will get through Covid-19 together.  While many of you are working from home and staying true to social distancing, you may also be looking for things to do.  Therefore, we wanted to share some ideas with you.  A few of our very own favorites are included below:

1.  Chef it up! This is a good time to try new recipes or to cook with your kids and spouse.  It is also a good time to try to use what's in your pantry.  Type in the ingredients on the internet and see what creative recipe you get.

2.  Create a book club or just start reading--I recommend "Beneath the Scarlet Sky" by Mark Sullivan or any book by John Grisham.

3.  Spring cleaning- Go all out and rent a dupster. Purge!!

4. Game night (including puzzles)- Think about traditional games like Monopoly, chess, Scrabble or Twister.  Newer online games can be fun too!

5. Scrapbooking- Always a good way to store memories while stimulating those creative juices.

6 Reach out to old friends and relatives- A phone call or a written note is always good.  FaceTime and Zoom works well too!

7.  Enjoy Nature- Hale Reservation or Walden Pond are great choices for a relazing walk, and they are close by!

8.  Light a candle and listen to music-These de-stressors can be very peaceful and relaxing.

9.  Exercise from home- Online yoga classes are plentiful.

10.  Reach out to a neighbor- See how you can help.

11.  Develop a routine- We all do better when we follow a schedule!

12.  Self care- This includes a few things...Please make sure you have a nutritious/balanced diet, hydrate, get enough sleep, manage stress through exercise or meditation (Headspace app) and of course, you can always use this time to practice good oral hygiene!

Most importantly stay positive, safe, and healthy!

In gratitude,

All of Us at Premier Dental Group of Wellesley

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