December 2020

Dear patients and friends,


Wow!  What a year 2020 has been - filled with anxiety and frustration, making this a very difficult year end letter. The stress can in the early months of the year. Dr. Damon my office colleague passed quickly from a rare form of cancer and in the same week, our nation was struck by the Covid19 virus.


Our office had to close, and we were scrambling to keep us afloat- gathering PPE, applying for loans, making our office safe, staying current, communicating with our patients, as well as supporting each other. For three months we were living in an uncertain world wondering when we could reopen. Preparation, anticipation, exhaustion, and frustration best describes this rocky time.  Nine months later, we are open but in a new normal way. Uncertainties continue. Will there be a shortage of PPE? Will the office have to close again?  When will we get the vaccine? There is speculation that dentists will be able to give the vaccine. I will keep you posted. 


My most recent stressor is managing the proper protocol if 1. Someone in the work bubble or someone who lives with someone in the world bubble develops Covid19 or 2. a patient or team member travels outside of the state but wants to come to the office. I have reached out to Ann Marie at the Wellesley Health Department on a regular basis to seek advice. Thank you, Ann Marie!  Interestingly enough, each situation is unique, and these protocols can change daily.


Stress can take a toll on our mental and physical health. Many of you are are taking the stress and anxiety out on your teeth.  Many of you have heard one of us ask, “Are you aware that you may be clenching or grinding your teeth?” Dentists across the board (us included!) are seeing patients with broken teeth and fillings and generalized sensitivities.  Wearing a bite guard will help your teeth but taking care of yourself will help to reduce overall stress.  Never have these words meant so much and we can all appreciate how important it is. Self-care is essential. As chair of the Massachusetts Dental Society’s Health and Wellness committee, this topic is near and dear to my heart.


In trying to keep with office traditions my team and I were able to celebrate the holidays in our bubble. We closed the office and after a quick lunch we each made a holiday flower arrangement to bring home. (photos displayed on our Facebook page) I was so happy we had the chance to end the year together (with masks) on a high note. Not only was the flower arranging therapeutic, but we also had the opportunity to use our creative talents and to laugh together a lot.


Last, I am grateful for those of you who have returned for your care. For those that have not we miss you and understand. We hope to see you next year.


My wish for you and your family is that you are safe and healthy. Here’s to a New Year 2021 (hurry up!) filled with hope, peace, joy and love. 


Warmest regard,

  Dr Tina L. Wang and your friends at Premier Dental Group of Wellesley

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