Dental Implants


Teeth missing from the smile cause several functional and aesthetic detriments. Dental implants provide a comprehensive replacement for entire rows of missing teeth, everything from root to crown. Visit Premier Dental Group of Wellesley for dental implant placement and restoration. Schedule a consultation with our dentists to determine whether dental implants is right for you.

Replacing Missing Teeth in Wellesley

Dental implants are made up of three components: the post, the connecting abutment, and the crown. The titanium post is directly placed into the jaw to replace the natural tooth’s root and support surrounding bone. The bio-compatible material fuses to the bone and improves its strength while preserving existing structural integrity. An abutment connects the prosthetic to the post to complete the restoration.

This procedure is versatile in its application, able to create the following restorations:

Single-unit crowns replace a missing tooth at any point in the smile. A single post is implanted directly into the space left by the missing tooth to replace the tooth’s root. A crown caps the tooth to serve as the visible surface of the new tooth.

Multi-unit bridges replace a short row of teeth while preserving the structure of surrounding teeth and bone. While traditional bridges require altering adjacent healthy teeth to anchor the prosthetic in place, implant-supported bridges utilize anywhere from two to three implant posts placed directly into the bone.

Implant-supported dentures replace an entire arch of teeth using anywhere from four to eight implant posts strategically placed in the most optimal position for support and longevity. These add stability to dentures while also reducing accelerated bone atrophy that result from empty spaces left in the jaw.

We now offer mini dental implants as an alternative option. These are best utilized in areas where the bone may be small or the space for tooth replacement may be too small for a standard implant. Mini implants are a viable option for anterior bottom teeth and stabilizing dentures.

Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implants require adequate bone density and size in order to successfully receive and support the posts. We offer necessary bone grafting, ridge augmentation, or sinus lifts procedures to enable patients to receive dental implants safely.

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