November 2020

Dear patients and friends,

It is hard to believe another season has passed since my last correspondence. Who would have thought that we are still adjusting to many uncertainties due to not only Covid19, but also to politics and social- injustice? From all the noise, it is difficult to remain positive. Therefore, the core of my email will be an attempt to do just that.
First, please know we can and have been able to work safely. All of us here feel very good about our safety protocols and that our PPE is keeping everyone safe. Susan, Priti and Ellen are very serious when it comes to screening our patients before their appointments. We continue to ask the Covid19 questions and to take each patient’s temperature upon their arrival. Patients are asked to wait in their cars until we are ready, or they may come in and wait if there are no more than 2 in the reception area. How fortunate are we to have a large enough area! We are also fortunate to be able to keep 2 doors open for better circulation. We are asking patients to wear masks in the office and to remask when dental treatment is completed even though the patient may still be in the chair. And once in the operatory, we recommend a preprocedural mouth rinse to reduce any germs.

As usual, Pierre, Felipe and Martha, Beth, Theresa and Vanessa are making sure the rooms are cleaned. We are also using FDA and EPA registered disinfectants. Plastic barriers are also used and replaced with every patient. Appropriate PPE is worn for each specific procedure. You may notice our hygienists are deferring to hand scaling more than ultrasonic scaling. If there is a need to use it, high suction evacuation is used alongside to reduce aerosol.

I am excited to introduce a new piece of equipment to help reduce aerosol and infection. The Dry Shield is an all-in-one isolation system that combines the task of high suction evacuation, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield and airway protector. So far, I love using it but it’s not for every situation. See what it looks like on our Facebook page or google it. To top it off, air purifiers are used in every operatory and throughout the office.

My team is also is being very diligent to create a safe environment. They are wearing appropriate PPE and taking their temperature daily. In the non-clinical areas, they are wiping down high tough areas multiple times a day. We also have a barrier in our break room and only 4 team members can spend more than 15 minutes together at one sitting. We discuss safety at every morning huddle as well as any news directed by the CDC or Governor Baker.

I would also like to thank all of you for your honesty. You have been very upfront about not feeling well, being exposed to someone with Covid, and with your travel plans. If we have asked anyone to reschedule please know it is important to err on the side of caution for all of us. Due to capacity concerns, we may not have as many appointment times available and by following safety protocols, appointments are taking longer. We are also staggering patient appointment times so that no more than 3 patients are coming into the office at once. Please know, I am grateful for your support and understanding with this current normal.
As you can see there are many different factors that reduce the spread of Covid19. Put them all together and we create a low-risk environment. Hopefully, I have created (however long), a positive safe kind of feeling when it comes to seeing us.

Finally, whether you are playing a game of scrabble, enjoying a nice dinner with music or running in your own turkey trot I hope you savor this time of Thanksgiving with your family and friends (the Covid19 way, of course).

In gratitude,
Dr Tina Wang and your team at Premier Dental Group of Wellesley

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