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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Wellesley: Dental Care for Children and Adults

Premier Dental Group of Wellesley makes it easy for patients to schedule quality dental care for everyone from their children to grandparents. We offer a range of preventive and restorative dental treatments to improve health and enhance smiles. Schedule your family’s next appointment with your Norfolk County family dentists today!

The Best Defense against Dental Issues

The best technique to combatting dental issues is through prevention. We offer a range of preventive care treatments to bolster maintain dental health and improve smiles. Our comprehensive evaluations take a complete overview of your smile to diagnose any issues that may be present. Cleanings are essential in managing tartar buildup and protecting against gingivitis and decay.

Preventive care treatments such as fluoride and sealants are available as precautionary procedures against areas that show greater susceptibility to complications such as decay. Fluoride is a necessary component in building the enamel, essential for strengthening the defense against brittle teeth. Sealants are plastic coatings placed in the crevices of teeth to prevent bacteria from getting trapped in these areas and developing cavities and decay. Sealants can be administered for both children and adults with large fissures on their molars.

Bite guards protect your teeth against bruxism, night grinding, and other issues that may cause noticeable wear to teeth. These appliances all aid in alleviating headaches related to tension in the jaw and prevent accelerated tooth wear.

Restorative Care for Families in Norfolk County

Chips or cracks on teeth are not only unattractive, they can lead to issues with functionality and greater susceptibility to decay. We utilize bonding and fillings to repair teeth suffering from damage or cavities. Crowns are placed over weakened teeth to bolster their strength and restore structure.

Issues such as decay or gingivitis can spread to other areas and lead to greater detriments to your smile. Decay eventually makes its way to the pulp, destroying the inner structure of the teeth and causing a tooth to require root canal therapy or extraction. Gingivitis must be monitored before it can grow into a damaging issue. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to gum recession and tooth loss. Scaling and root planing is necessary to manage gingivitis and later stages of gum disease.

Missing teeth cause an array of complications, such as having difficulty with performance and changes to the smile’s esthetic. Replacement teeth are available using bridges or dentures. We also offer dental implants as an improvement to traditional restorations to improve their stability and enhance the support to both the jaw bone and their new set of teeth.

Schedule Your Family’s Appointment

At our family dental office, we’re dedicated to helping families achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to go over your families options for reaching a better, brighter smile. Call or visit our family dental practice in Wellesley, MA today!

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